Meccanica FADINI today is a leading company in gate automation, constantly in the vanguard in its technical choices and design. It has solutions that are comprehensive and very functional to automatize gates, garage doors, industrial doors and traffic barriers for residential, commercial and industrial applications; it can also offer a wide range of oil-hydraulic, automatic bollards, as well as manual and steady posts for residential use and urban furnishing.


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The TALOS series of retractable oil-hydraulic bollards represents the FADINI's solution for any safety requirement: from residential to anti-terrorist installation. It is the result of constant development and over 25 years experience in the field of automatic control traffic posts(the first model sold in 1991).
The TALOS series was conceived and designed as a modern and effective solution for preventing and restricting all kinds of vehicle access in public and private places with a minimum architectural, urbanistic and environmental impact. For an intensive use at extremely low(over -40°C)or high (+80°C) temperatures.
Available with steel post, 4 or 12 mm thickness, cataphoresis treated and polyester powder coated or with SS post inox Aisi 304, 4 mm thickness. Post diameter 275 mm, with various thickness and heights. The flanged housing cylinder is hot dip galvanized, the inner support frame is electrolytic zinc coated. Fast and facilitated access to the hydraulic power unit and piston: we have definitely broken down installation and maintenance time.
A wide variety of personalisation options: post colour, presence detector, buzzer, active safety with solenoid valve, rubber ring for pedestrian protection...


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