Burda Worldwide Technologies GmbH was established by Jiri Burda in Frankfurt in 1990. It embarked on its success story as a wholesaler & export trader for new technologies and quickly garnered for itself the reputation of being an expert in the launching of new products. In 1997, Burda WTG started importing and selling short-wave infrared technology to Europe and Korea. But shortly thereafter, the founder of the company, Jiri Burda, who himself has a great affinity for technology, started developing and realizing his own innovative ideas. In 2000, Burda WTG presented its first own short-wave infrared devices for heating to the public. When production began, Burda applied for international patents which have set the industry benchmark and are one of pillars of today´s success. The company´s biggest success so far has been the combination of light and heating with the internationally acclaimed ground-breaking modular heating and cooling device PERFECTCLIME, which was presented in 2008, at the very top of the range.

Today, Burda WTG exports high-class and partly handmade heating and cooling devices with short-wave infrared technology to more than 50 countries, generating more than 4.1 million euro in sales in 2011, set to further increase in future. The original founder Jiri Burda still is the owner and managing director of the company, which has its headquarters in Frankfurt/Germany.

Branch of industry

  • Awnings
  • External venetian blinds

Intelligent solutions. The cutting-edge heating & cooling concept with infrared short-wave technology.

What we offer

As a pioneer in short-wave infrared technology, Burda WTG commands the expertise and the know-how to constantly develop that technology further and to offer a one-stop service in heating-, cooling- and lighting-systems. All Burda products share four central values: innovation, quality, design and durability. Burda WTG is a very dynamic company with only short intervals between new innovations. The goal is to gradually maximize the performance of the heating and cooling devices. That is the company´s measure for success which is being promoted day to day around the globe.


Our innovative and numerous products are proof of our intelligent solutions. To instantaneously produce heating or cooling in an energy-efficient and cost-effective manner is our passion. Our colour adapted lightsystems, stand-alone or in addition to other systems, guarantee a feel-good atmosphere. This proofs our ability to supply a “One-stop service”. Optimally adapted to the needs of man and environment, the potential for application is almost limitless.


We listen, discern and understand the needs of our customers. Together we find the right answers. It is only natural for us to act respectfully, passionately, flexibly, reliable and in their best interest.


We are able to achieve the highest possible quality, functionality and efficiency, as well as the best design by applying the highest possible standards during the production process and using high-quality materials for our partly handcrafted products. Only by doing that can we set the benchmark on a global level.


  • Internal sun protection
  • Technical textils and textile constructions


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