Since 1994 Intenda S.r.l., based in Verona (Italy), designs and manufactures movable modular multi-functional covers made of PVC and aluminium. At the beginning the production was limited to the garage box but then Intenda began to design and produce many different modular covers, always more personalised and functional.
Today Intenda has become a solid company and is a leader in Italy and Europe in the production of RETRACTABLE TUNNELS and generic movable covers.
Intenda brand new product is KRISTALLROLL, a vertical awning completely made of transparent PVC and aluminium, which adapt itself to the different temperatures in summer and winter.


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Foldable tunnels / Transparent vertical awnings

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Intenda produces foldable tunnels made of PVC and aluminium which can be easily and quickly opened and closed. The tunnel range goes from the smallest Box Tunnel to the bigger Cargo Box, which arrives to a width of 12m and a pass height of 5m. There are no length limits!
KRISTALLROLL is the Intenda brand new product. It's a transparent vertical awning that, thanks to the special side rails system, is able to adapt itself to the temperature changes.


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