We manufacture Motorized Roller Shutters, Rolling Slatted Shutters, Sliding Doors, Garage Doors, Barrier Systems, Blinds, Window Shades, Sun Gears.
Pls check on www.kepsan.com.tr.

Also we supply our Tubular Motors with our Trademark and Turkish Patents manufactured in far-east. Shutter Motors, Automatic Door Motors, Industrial Chained Motors, Receivers, Remote Controls.
Pls check on www.kepmot.com/e-katalog.html

We can work on project basis, and our partners may buy them in bulk quantities.

The qualified staff of Kepsan have always searched to create new products characterised by highest environmentally sustainability, high ergonomically comfort, and timeless design.

We believe that our enlarging network will add to diversify our range and species. So this progress will direct us to new models and novelties. As our capacity use increases and as new equipments are added, our technology will become more sophisticated, and all hard-to-reach aims and coverings become reality


  • Rolläden und Rolladenzubehör
  • Fensterläden und Zubehör
  • Außen-Jalousien/ Raffstores
  • Tore
  • Elektr. Sicherheitseinrichtungen

Fabrikant von Automatischen Rolläden und Türen

Was wir anbieten

Having long experience in the manufacturing of Doors and Windows Systems starting with Steel Inside and Outside Doors and continuing with Roller Shutters, Garage Doors, Sliding Doors;
we manufacture and supply best quality products.

We wish to share and submit our experience and technology with
our partners and vice-versa.

We offer a large range of Automatic Doors and Shutters Systems with high quality and competitive prices. Then we wish to deliver and complete ranges of our new partners with our products.

Wonach wir suchen

We look for commercial and technical cooperation in which we submit our products of good quality. Our partners
have to be willing to sell our products as Distributor or Agent
in their countries.

We may consider to offer our partner to manufacture some
parts and components for their end products. Also we may
search to order them some parts. Finally we can become one
party to joint ventures.


  • Rolläden und Rolladenzubehör
  • Fensterläden und Zubehör
  • Fenster und Fensterzubehör
  • Markisen
  • Außen-Jalousien/ Raffstores
  • Innenliegender Sonnenschutz
  • Tore
  • Türen
  • Antriebe und Steuerungen
  • Elektr. Sicherheitseinrichtungen
  • Forschung und Entwicklung


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